Wahnsinn Handy!

„Honey, I’m on the tram right now and I’ll be home in 5 minutes“. „Jaqueline and Öcan, totally crazy“. „The business plan with Komplan KG must be verified“. You hear a lot more in everyday life than you want to hear. Whether it’s highly private or confidential business matters, everyone chats away happily on their mobile phones. And if you’re not chatting, you can send MMS, SMS, take pictures with your mobile phone, listen to music or use it as a spirit level. Help! It’s time to take a critical look at our cell phone everyday life.

A film by Wolfgang Luck
Camera: Rainer Friedrich
Editing: Karl-Heinz Satzger
Music: Wolfram Burgtorf
Editors: Eva Witte, Kai Henkel, SWR
Production: a&o office