It is the biggest scandal in German industrial history: for more than ten years, German automotive companies and suppliers have lied to consumers and authorities worldwide by deliberately manipulating the exhaust emissions of their diesel and petrol vehicles. At VW alone, 11 million cars are affected.

From April 20, 2021, with the start of the main hearing, the VW leadership will have to answer for this in court. The former VW CEO Martin Winterkorn and four other VW managers are being tried in Braunschweig before the White Collar Crimes Chamber.

The documentary „#Dieselgate“ accompanies the processing of the scandal. Everything came to light in 2015, but the enlightenment is still in its infancy.

Buch & Regie: Johan von Mirbach
Montage: Nico Schlegel (BFS)
Kamera: Till Vielrose (BVK), Gerardo Milsztein, Christoph Valentien
Regieassistenz: Laurentia Genske, Oliver Richardt
Ton: Waldemar Bruch, Kirill Gromada, Moritz Herberg, Alexander Czart, Ralf Weber
Komposition: Wolfram Burgtorf
Musik: Wolfram Burgtorf, Paco Saval, William Mackenzie, Ralf Grottian, Ebasa Pallada
Grafik: KIM&HIM
Colorgrading: Rainer Bültert
Mischung: Peter Schröder
Ein besonderer Dank an René Bender, Volker Votsmeier
Redaktion: Jutta Krug (WDR)