Schwärme - die Intelligenz der Massen

Golden Dragon at the Dragon Awards in China, Nature and Science Award at the Japan Wildlife Film Festival and Best Science Film at the Green Screen Festival. According to the jury, the film sets standards. Unusual imagery, effects, editing and music stand out in a strikingly fresh way from comparable documentaries and created a very unique, exciting atmosphere.

They are fascinating – but they also inspire fear: swarms, as carriers of a form radically different from human intelligence. For some time now, in addition to biologists and brain researchers, AI research and robotics have also been dealing intensively with superorganisms, swarms and their self-organized collective intelligence. But also the sociologists and neuroscientists, because it is possible that we humans are more similar to the swarms than we think. A journey to the roots of intelligence.

In collaboration with EUROVISION SCIENCE and the European Commission, DG Research.

Directed by Jakob Kneser

Production: A&O Office

Broadcaster: Arte

Music by Wolfram Burgtorf